Help Us Fund Our Adoption

adopt (the dictionary project)The Brannans are adopting. Again. And we’re asking for your help.

If you’ve been around us for awhile, you know that we have a heart for adoption. Our nearly four-year-old son Lucas is adopted. But adoption is an expensive thing. Like, really expensive. So we need some help.

Now, since you’ve been around us you also know that I’ve recently published three books through Appian Way Press. If you didn’t know, “Appian Way Press” is me (Rick Brannan), and these books are self-published. That means we’re in control of the copyright and the proceeds.

Now here’s the important part: All proceeds from all sales of Appian Way Press books are being set aside to assist with our adoption. If you’re interested, there are two ways you can help.

  • First Method: Buy the books in print from (1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Apostles’ Creed). You’ll get great books on 1 & 2 Timothy or the Apostles’ Creed, and you’ll contribute around $7 per 1 Timothy book, $4 per 2 Timothy book, or $4 per Apostles’ Creed book to our adoption fund.
  • Second Method: If you’d just like to help us with our adoption but don’t really want to buy any books, you can donate with a credit card through Paypal. Pick your amount. We’re grateful for any donation amount, and it will all go straight into our adoption fund. 100% of it.

Please tell your family, friends, and everyone about this, especially if you think they may have interest in these books or interest in helping fund a domestic infant adoption.

Lastly — and most importantly — please pray for the little one we hope to have join our family, and their birth family.