New Publication: Lexical Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles: First Timothy

BookCoverImage-LCPE-1TimIf you’ve followed me around the internet (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) then you probably know about my long-term interest in the Pastoral Epistles. I’ve always had an interest in the letters, but the disease seriously took hold around 2003, when I was single and had lots and lots of free time. I dug into these letters and didn’t look back.

Back in those days, I started writing as I studied First Timothy. I didn’t really know where it was going or what it would look like, but it was helpful in thinking through the text. I invited friends over for dinner to eat food and thrash what I’d written — some of the best feedback ever (thanks again to Eli, Vince, James, Bob, Dale, and the other Bob) —and began to produce what just today (April 20, 2016) became available for purchase on Amazon: Lexical Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles: First Timothy.

I’m thrilled it’s finally out. Thanks to all who encouraged and supported me along the way. Especially you, Amy.