Published: My Advent Guide “Anticipating His Arrival”

AnticipatingHisArrival_cover_newLexham Press has published my family guide for Advent, Anticipating His Arrival (Logos format), for use with Logos Bible Software. In 2016, Lexham Press published Anticipating His Arrival in print. The Lexham Press blog recently ran an excerpt as a blog post. Here’s the description from the web site:

Advent is both about Jesus’ first coming in Bethlehem and his second coming, which we await. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we remember his first advent and prepare for his second, celebrating both events. Centered around the themes of preparation, anticipation, joy, and incarnation, Anticipating His Arrival helps you guide your family through Advent as your expectation of Jesus’ arrival grows.

Family devotional time can be difficult which is why this resource was designed to fit a variety of needs and your schedule. Scripture readings are provided for the entire Advent season, from the first Sunday of Advent through Christmas Day. Each day, discussion questions and responses are provided to guide individual reflection or family discussion. The daily readings in this devotional come from the Revised Common Lectionary and include readings for all three years in the liturgical cycle—each drawing from the synoptic gospels.

The book contains material that my family has used during Advent over the past four or five years. The Revised Common Lectionary three-year reading cycle is the basis of the Advent readings. I’ve taken the weekly readings for Advent and spread them out over a week. I also provided questions and responses to help spur discussion.

We typically use it after dinner. You know, when it isn’t crazy (skipping a day is not a big deal in our house). My daughter, now eight, likes to do the scripture reading. My son, now three, is more interested in the chocolate in the other “advent” calendar. After we read the scripture, someone will ask the questions. Any answer is a good answer. My perspective is that these are all suggestions; make them work for your own situation. We just want a house where it isn’t weird to talk about Bible stuff, and this little devotional has helped us with that. Our prayer is that it might be useful with your family too.


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