Dr. William Varner on Brannan’s Lexical Commentary on First Timothy

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BookCoverImage-LCPE-1TimHere’s what Dr. William Varner had to say about Rick Brannan’s Lexical Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles: First Timothy:

Rick Brannan’s methodology for these word studies in First Timothy opens new semantic vistas because he takes into account the usage of the Greek words in contemporary Koine works like the Pseudepigrapha and Josephus. Furthermore, he illustrates the “effective” use of these lexemes in the Apostolic Fathers as well. He is careful not to be guilty of anachronism in the latter practice but simply illustrates how the word was understood in Christian literature written soon after the Pastorals. In some ways, this is a ground-breaking approach that deserves serious consideration by other commentators on the sacred text.

Dr. William Varner, Professor of Bible and Greek, The Master’s College

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