The Day After

Recall from my previous post that I voted for neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. So I was already expecting a morose day. But I’d honestly expected Hillary to win, and I’d expected to have to deal with a president-elect whose political ideology I disagree with. Instead, I have to deal with a president-elect whom I find personally reprehensible.

I am currently a registered Republican (though that may change), so the difficulty I’m having with a “successful” night for Republicans is actually weird. Really weird.

And I don’t know that it’s because of Donald Trump’s positions on political issues. Some I agree with, some I don’t (well, to the degree that we can divine the mind of Donald Trump).

My hesitation is because of the rhetoric Mr. Trump used throughout the election cycle. My hesitation is due to the elements of society that Mr. Trump’s rhetoric stokes. While I understand Mr. Trump has denied or refused to confirm association with these fringe elements, my fear is that now they are emboldened to move from the shadows into the light of day.

I’m talking about white supremacism. I’m talking about xenophobia. I don’t accuse Mr. Trump of holding these reprehensible ideas; I do think his ascension and rhetoric has given these ideas and those who hold them an opening.

As a parent in a trans-racial family, this gives me pause.

I had to explain to my daughter this morning about how some people who support Mr. Trump are like the people who wanted Rosa Parks (one of her heroes) to just stand in the back of the bus and be quiet. My son isn’t old enough to understand this yet. And my third child, who will join our family in January, will begin life in a different world.

Please, Mr. Trump — no, wait. Please, Mr. President-elect — disavow ties to these reprehensible ideologies. Give them no quarter. Denounce them when they act.


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