Rick’s 2023 Research and Writing Schedule

Here it is, the last day of 2022. So I guess it’s time to review the past year’s research / writing, and make plans about what might happen in 2023.

So how’d I do in 2022? Here is my 2022 Research and Writing Schedule post. I hit the big notes and missed pretty much all of the bonus material. Specifically:

  • Lexham OT Pseudepigrapha: Submitted my portions on 12/30. I have a few loose ends to tie up, but this is in great shape.
  • Baylor AF Handbook volumes on Hermas: I’m through 12 chapters of a draft; only 102 more to go. Honestly, this project slipped this year; I’d hoped to be further along. Not sure how to pick up the pace in the next year.
  • Latin: I took one Latin class and learned a lot, but also learned I didn’t have the bandwidth to take a Latin class.
  • Greek Reader for Protevangelium of James: I did virtually nothing regarding this.
  • Outline a vol. 2 of Fragments: Absolutely no work done.

What accounted for the slippage? Life. Also, in September I started working part-time on a contract basis for Clear Bible, a group that uses linguistic data to provide tools and services for the accelleration of Bible translation. Most of my spare time has been taken up in doing work for Clear; both because it is interesting and compelling and, honestly, because it pays better than research and writing. I’ll need to adjust that balance a bit in 2023 to allocate more time for work on the Hermas volumes, though.

So, what are my plans for 2023?

The primary writing focus will be the Baylor AF Handbook volumes on Hermas. It has to be; there is a lot left to do, and time is limited.

I’ll need to give some attention to the Lexham Press OT Pseudepigrapha volume. As mentioned, there are loose ends to tie up. And there will also be proofs to review and correct, front matter, and (ugh) indexes.

But that’s it. As much as I’d love to get a reader of the Protevangelium together, I don’t think it is happening.

This will all be balanced with regular contributions to Clear Bible. And, remember, all of this happens on top of my full-time day job with Faithlife / Logos Bible Software.