Publishing my Pastoral Epistles Stuff

You may recall a survey I linked to awhile back. I asked y’all to “Help Me Determine my 2016 Writing Schedule.” Several of you obliged, and for that I am thankful.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the responses, and came to a conclusion: The only way for me to publish this stuff is, like the little red hen (the pizza version is the best), to do it myself. So, I thought about it. A lot. I asked friends and colleagues about my options. And I talked with my wife about it.

AppianWayPressThe result: Appian Way Press will be the imprint that my Pastoral Epistles stuff is published under. Check the sweet logo to the side. The press also has accounts on Twitter (@AppianWayPress), Facebook, and Faithlife. Link, like, friend, follow, tweet, retweet, and tweet again. Get the word out, and please tell all your friends. A few times. And then one more time just to be sure.

There are presently two volumes that Appian Way Press will publish, if all goes well.

Print volumes will be available from Amazon. If Faithlife/Logos choose to license the content then the books could be available in Logos Bible Software at some future point. But I can’t promise that; I can only promise the print. I do not anticipate releasing Kindle or PDF versions.

I also mentioned some Group Study and Leader Guide resources on the survey. These will be based on classes I’ve taught in various contexts since around 2000. There are three of these guides. Over time, I plan for Appian Way Press to publish them as well, though I have no estimated time frame on these. The basics are there, but each will take significant time to revise and edit for publication.

  • First Timothy: Group Study and Leader Guide
  • Titus: Group Study and Leader Guide
  • The Apostles Creed: Group Study and Leader Guide

Why “Appian Way Press”?

Since I know I’ll be asked, here you go, from the Appian Way Press web site:

The name Appian Way Press refers to one of the earliest roads established in Ancient Rome, the Via Appia. For centuries — and even now — if you were going to Rome or leaving Rome, you would likely spend some time on this road. In the same way, the Appian Way Press hopes to establish an easily traversed conduit into and out of scholarship as it relates to Biblical Studies.

[Also, between you and me, my first choice was taken. And I used to live on a street called Appian Way. And there was no existing press/publisher or URL that I could find of this name, so I went with it.]


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