Help Me Determine My 2016 Writing Schedule

I_Want_You_blank_Uncle_SamI have a few different options to pursue with my overall 2016 research and writing time. But I want to know what other folks out there think. I have my own personal ideas on what I would like to focus on, overall (detailed in my Changing Focus post), but a year is a long time, and I have a few other options as well. I created a survey so you can give me feedback on these other options.

These other options include:

Titus Group Study and Leader Guide. In 2001 I taught a class at the church I attended on Titus. We only made it through the end of chapter 2, but I still have all my notes with outline and questions (the “Group Study” portion) and a separate set of material with answers/discussion to the questions (the “Leader Guide” portion). I’ll need to rewrite/revise existing material, and write the stuff for chapter 3.

Apostles’ Creed Group Study and Leader Guide. In 2000 (I think) I taught a similarly structured class at the same church on the Apostles’ Creed (I think? Or was that in 2002 or so, in Bellingham? I don’t remember). I used the organization in the Heidelberg Catechism as the outline. It as well has a Group Study and Leader Guide portion. I know we finished, but I don’t know that I still have all the material (I know I have portions of it).

New Testament Textual Criticism Group Study and Leader Guide. I plan on teaching a short (4 week?) course on NT Textual Criticism at my church sometime in the late winter quarter. I’d use the class at church as an opportunity to organize the material, and extend and revise it after the class ran.

Please let me know what you think by taking the survey. Thanks!


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