Bible Manuscript Trifecta Completed


Nash Papyrus

I’ve blogged in the past about some projects I’ve been involved in for my employer, Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software. These are called “Manuscript Explorers” and they provide faceted browsing through whole-manuscript data. It allows one to quickly find manuscripts from a similar era, containing similar material, and if there are images online for the manuscript(s). These are:

With the release of Logos Now for Logos 6.9, we’ve included a Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer.


There are three basic groups the manuscripts have been put into. Group I includes Leningradensis, Aleppo Codex, and the Nash Papyrus. Group II includes the Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls. Group III includes manuscripts catalogued by Kennicott and deRossi and found in Kennicott’s edition of the Hebrew Bible published in the 18th century.

If transcriptions are available in Logos Bible Software (and the Dead Sea Scrolls Biblical material is available) then there are links to the transcription itself. If there are images available on line, then there are links. This includes the Dead Sea Scroll material, which links to The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library or to the Digital Dead Sea Scrolls, as appropriate.

What’s next? Well, if I could find a decent source for Latin Bible manuscripts (Old Latin and Vulgate), I might be tempted to pursue that.


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