Survey Results: 2016 Research & Writing

I_Want_You_blank_Uncle_SamYou guys surprise me. At the beginning of January, on a whim I threw out a survey with some questions about what to do with my 2016 research and writing time. I knew what I wanted the results to be, but y’all had slightly different ideas.

For the record, my current schedule is to spend 90-120 minutes each weekday morning focused on writing and research tasks. This is stuff that happens outside of my role and responsibilities at Logos/Faithlife.

For those who didn’t take the survey (shame on you, and I’m keeping it open, so take it), here are the questions:


Here are the individual question responses.

1. What should Rick try to accomplish with his 2016 research and writing time?


I only allowed one answer for each respondent on this question. I was floored that the Apostles’ Creed item actually was the most popular (and that you’d want me to write it). I guess I’ll have to look into digging up those old notes and see what I can do with them.

That said, my primary focus this year will still be the Pastoral Epistles work; that’s really where my head and heart is at this time. But we’ll see about what else can squeeze out later in the year. I’m already committed to do a class on NT Textual Criticism at my church (4 weeks), so that’ll get some attention soon.

2. Which of the above would you actually buy?


The numbers are weird on this one because I let folks select as many as they wanted to. This one surprised me as well with the NT Textual Criticism stuff being something folks would say they’d spend money on. The pricing on these is complete and total speculation, BTW, I just figured it would be useful to have numbers associated.

3. What format would you like for this sort of material?


No real surprises (to me) here. I figured Logos and print would be the tops. That PDF actually beat Kindle is a little surprising.

So, what next?

As mentioned above, I’m still most interested in completing the Pastoral Epistles work. My present thinking is to pursue publishing it in three volumes (one for each letter) as the work is done. I’m still trying to figure out the details with that, but there is still a decent amount of research and writing to do. While most of 1 Timothy is done, I’d be very surprised if I could squeeze out both 2 Timothy and Titus this calendar year.

The information from the survey is helpful. It tells me that, depending on what I’m able to find of my old notes, creating a group study resource for either the Apostles Creed or NT Textual Criticism is something worth seriously exploring.

Thanks, all, for sharing your insight!


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